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Sens Trivia Contest

Sens Trivia Contest

Thanks to a great idea from one of our clients (to be named after the contest ends), we are giving away a brokers4tickets.com Hoodie to the winner of our Trivia Contest. Simply answer the 5 questions in the comments field. Our winner will be randomly drawn from the list and then their answers will be verified. If the selected person does not have all 5 correct answers then it will move to the next person, and so on. All the answers will be posted after the contest. 

Please refer your friends to this link so they have a chance to win!

1. Which number has been retired by the Senators?
2. Who was the Sens first ever draft pick?
3. Which goalie has made the most saves in Sens history?
4. Which one of these players WAS NOT a draft pick of the Sens - Mike Fisher, Wade Redden, Marian Hossa, Martin Havlat?
5. Going into this 2013-2104 season Chris Neil lead the Sens in (all-time sens) penalty minutes with 2005, who was 2nd?

If you are having trouble with these questions, just remember that Liam Maguire @Liams_Hockey on Twitter is one of the most knowledgeable people on the subject of Hockey and the Sens.


You can enter the contest on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/broker4Tickets , Twitter @broker4tickets with yoru trivia answers or email them to sens_trivia_contest@broker4tickets.com


Contest Ends Friday Jan. 10 @ 3:00pm






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