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How Do I Buy or Sell Tickets?

We are working hard to make purchasing tickets with us as simple and easy as possible. These are the steps in purchasing tickets from our system.


Online from your Computer or Tablet

Select the tickets you want based on the game & seating that you desire.  Please note that tickets are always sold in pairs, but if you need an odd number call our 24-7 Sales Line at 613-271-3711 or email sales@broker4tickets.com
Review your selection at checkout.
Select the “Checkout” button.
If you previously purchased from www.broker4tickets.com then you can use your previously registered email address/password combination. If you do not recall your password, then select "forgot my password" and follow directions.
If you are a new user, you may select “guest checkout” , or add yourself as a user to make things simpler for future orders.
Provide all your details including credit card information, then complete the purchase.
Once complete, an email is mailed to you immediately to let you know that you have completed your purchase.
In less than 10 minutes, another email will be sent to you containing a link to the electronic copy of the tickets.
If you do not get either email, please call our support line at at 613-271-3711 or email sales@broker4tickets.com
Click on the link for the eTicket and download them to you computer.
We suggest that you print your eTickets to present at the entrance to the venue, but we have had many clients just display the ticket barcode on their mobile device without issue.
We have a representative on site for all events, so if you ever encounter an issue then call our Sales line which is directed to the mobile device of our representative at the game. We are building a business here and want to make sure that you are completely satisfied.



Online from your Mobile Device

We are currently implementing a mobile site to allow for a simple & streamlined process when purchasing tickets from your mobile device.


How Do I Sell Tickets?

If you are an existing season seat holder please and wish to inquire about selling your season tickets please click here and include your name, seats and the games that you are looking to sell.

We buy ¼ seasons, ½ seasons and full seasons as well as individual games depending on our existing inventories.