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  • Use your personal promo code to purchase tickets from our site or pass along to your friends and family
  • The goal is to share your promo code with as many people as possible
  • Receive a ‘point’ for every ticket purchased with your code
  • Each code will contain a 10% discount on all purchases*
  • Track your total points on our website to see where you rank amongst the other players
  • Get rewarded along the way based on the number of points you have

*Any other promo code will count towards your total as long as you enter your personal info when checking out



  • Broker4Tickets Hats, T-Shirts and Sweaters (10 Points)
  • Complimentary tickets and parking pass (20 Points)
  • $100 Broker4Tickets Gift Card (30 Points)
  • (2) 100 Level Glass Seats or $200 Cash (50 Points)
  • Customized Official Senators Jersey (100 Points)
  • Cash commission and More!

*Guaranteed to receive (2) tickets for every 20 Points*