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Welcome to Broker4Tickets

Your trusted online marketplace for purchasing Senators & Canadiens Tickets

Are the tickets real? How can I be sure?

Yes, our tickets are real.  We acquire all our ticket from season seat holders or the respective sports teams.  We will not resell any tickets that do not come directly from organizations.  We only deal with season ticket holders who can log into their on-line accounts and transfer the tickets to us electronically via the sports team website this way we can be sure that the tickets we have acquired are authentic.  In todays ticket world, when an electronic ticket is issued the hard ticket becomes null and void.  Therefore at Broker4Tickets we know we have the only valid copy of the ticket for that sports event.  This is the only way we can “Guarantee” the tickets authenticity  

How do you get your tickets?

After you have completed your purchase will be emailed to you electronically.  You can either print this electronic ticket and have it scanned at the door, or you can scan directly from any mobile device.  This process is fast, easy and convenient.  Each ticket purchase comes with a receipt and a proof of purchase confirmation.

Why are they so 'cheap' ?

At Broker4Tickets we work on the premise of basic economics around supply and demand.  We take excess supply from season ticket holders who do not or cannot use their tickets and we purchase them at deeply discounted prices.  We then pass on a percentage of the savings to respective fans who get these fantastic seats for great prices. .

How do we make money?

We do not charge convenience fees or service charges.  We make all our money on the spread between what we acquire the tickets for and what we are able to sell them for online.  We also have promotional agreements in place with several companies and we sell advertising on our website..

Is it Legit?

Broker4Tickets is a 100% Canadian owned business that has been running since 2012.  To date we have sold over 24,000 tickets online and our tickets are 100% legit.  We only accept credit card transactions (no cash) which allows all parties to have a record of each and every transaction.  We also sell to groups and promote packages for people looking to buy multiple games at one time.

This business was founded to get sports fans into great seats for reasonable prices.

This is my personal guarantee to you.

Neil Cooke - Founder -  Broker4Tickets