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What is Broker4Tickets?

Broker4Tickets is an organization that was established in 2012 to offer a venue for season ticket holders to resell their season tickets to the everyday fans at a price that is “Always Below Face Value". Broker4Tickets sells tickets to sporting events and they do not believe in adding any additional or "hidden" fees, such as service charges, delivery charges, and convenience fees.  This new business concept represents a twist on the age old business of reselling tickets to various events.  Our program allows our FANS to get access to great seats that were previously held by season ticket holders for great prices – “Always Under Face Value”. Broker4Tickets was founded in Ottawa and began reselling tickets to Ottawa Senators hockey games in January of 2012.  To date we have sold thousands of tickets making passionate hockey fans and season ticket holders very happy. We always have representatives on-site at every event and offer 24-7 support if any ticket related issues arise.



After evaluating the ticket resell marketplace it has become apparent that situations arise where tickets are going un-used or being under-utilized.  Thus Broker4Tickets has created an electronic marketplace where season ticket and suite holders can be linked to fans that are willing and eager to take advantage of great seats for events all without any service charges and for great prices.  We give fans the opportunity and access to seats that they would never have access to as a "walk up" client.



We have tickets for every Ottawa Senators home game and for all play-off games.  We sell tickets right up until game time each night, and because we sell electronic tickets, you can get them right on your mobile device and have them scanned seamlessly.  We have developed a mobile application that allows you to select and purchase your tickets from anywhere with your phone or tablet.  You can even purchase these as you are driving to the game (as a passenger or while parked), or walking up to the building.  All electronic, all simple and all 100% guaranteed.



Broker4Tickets works with season ticket holders to obtain their tickets to add to the inventory available to our customers.  When the season ticket holder decides to transfer their tickets to Broker4Tickets, they log into their account and transfer them electronically to us.  In essence we are then obtaining the electronic tickets directly from the issuing organization as they are re-issued and the original hard ticket is then null and void.  We pay the season ticket holder for their tickets using a formula that takes into account several factors including game type (premium, regular, and play-off) and the time we have to sell the tickets.  Due to the fact that we know the source of the ticket and accept only electronic tickets we can then guarantee that the tickets we are selling are 100% legitimate and will get you into the even. Once we have received the tickets from the originating source, we are then able to offer them up to our clients to purchase.


Why are the prices so good?

Broker4Tickets is able to offer tickets Always Below Face Value as we purchase tickets directly from the season ticket holder who have originally purchased their tickets at a discount for being a season ticket holder.  In turn we are able to pass a percentage of these savings onto the everyday fan.  It's really that simple.


Electronic Tickets vs. Hard Tickets

There is a common misconception among ticket purchasers that hard tickets are more secure than electronic tickets, when in-fact the opposite is true.  Electronic tickets are issued by the professional organization to replace hard tickets and to allow people to easily transfer tickets.  At Broker4Tickets we only have electronic tickets because we are aware that once tickets move to the electronic format the hard tickets are immediately voided.  We then know that we have the only ‘live’ ticket that we then sell to the fortunate fan.


Our Guarantee

Unlike traditional resellers Broker4Tickets always knows the source of their tickets and thus can always guarantee their authenticity and validity.  Due to the fact that professional sports organizations have specific accounts for their season ticket holders and actually transfer the tickets electronically from their internal systems we are 100% sure that the electronic ticket that we obtain is authentic and will get you into the event.  In essence we are actually getting the tickets forwarded electronically directly from the sports organization.  By working directly with you and the season ticket holder we can guarantee that purchased tickets are valid. This is done by reselling only electronically assigned season tickets that helps maximize their utilization, while ensuring credibility of the ticket and developing integrity within the secondary ticket marketplace.