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Who is Broker4Tickets?

Broker4Tickets was started by sport enthusiasts tired of seeing season tickets go unused when there are fans willing to pay for these premium tickets, and where fans and sellers alike are frustrated by the unpredictable nature of the ticket resale markets. Broker4Tickets was created to maximize use and value for season ticket holders while guaranteeing premium tickets to SMART fans at fair prices with no service fees.


Neil Cooke

Neil is an accomplished business person who has won numerous business related awards over his career. He has spent the majority of his career in the IT consulting space, where he founded I4C Consulting back in 1998.  I4C has since expanded across Canada and has realized solid growth and profitability since its inception 15 years ago. He is an avid sports enthusiast and has been a long time sponsor of the Ottawa Senators hockey team and a season seat holder for over 12 years. Neil is also active in the various minor sports organizations as I4C sponsors dozens of minor league teams every year. Mr. Cooke’s latest venture Broker4Tickets has come to life after personally seeing a business opportunity offering a win-win for both fans and season suite and ticket holders.


Jud Rasmussen

Jud is a Marketing, Brand and Communications strategist who excels in the planning, development and tactical execution of integrated communications, web marketing and branding solutions.  Over the past 18 years he has had the pleasure of working with a range of national and internationally focused client organizations including Volunteer Canada, IBM Canada, Research In Motion, the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine and the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada. Over his career he has been invited to share his thoughts with publications and organizations such as the Retail Council of Canada, Internet World, Technology in Government, the Ottawa Business Journal, CityTV, AllBusiness.com and IABC Ottawa.


Scott Fair

Scott is an award winning Creative Director who brings 16 years of design, production and Digital Media Marketing experience to every client engagement. His experience is broad and encompasses traditional advertising, corporate identities, web design, print design and comprehensive branding solutions. As a creative professional Scott has been granted several awards including "Advertising Design Awards" for Digital Advertising, and Web Design. His work has also been showcased b y 'Best of Web' awards, which highlight premier online destinations.